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. The specific area of the room where your plant will be going will affect not only the lighting available for your plant, but the shape and size of plant that you can place there. Having plants around makes everything feel lighter, brighter, and more alive.

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I wrote a post a few months ago on the best indoor plants, but i've narrowed it down to just a few that are hard to kill! Choosing plants for a windowless room. Modern growers have hugethe choice of indoor plants although these plants are intended for indoor usedark rooms, but not all kinds of sansevieria endure too weak.

Monrovia's cast iron plant details and information.

Adding plants to the house is my favorite way to bring a little lift to any room. Once you've chosen plants for a windowless room, there are some considerations on care. Zz plant (zamioculcas zamiifolia), with its lush, shiny foliage, is the perfect plant for forgetful gardeners, as the plant rarely requires water and seems to do best with no fuss. Props to you if you can remember anything from year 7 biology, but in case you can't, plants need sunlight to do this little thing called photosynthesis.