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. If you have pets or suffer from allergies, you'll probably need to change it more often. Tim shows you how to change your ac filter.

Why And How To Change An Ac Filter
Why And How To Change An Ac Filter from

Monthly ac filter changes keep indoor air clean and help your air conditioner to work its cooling magic. Air filters quickly become clogged with debris, especially in the cooling season when air conditioners. Ideally, you should change an air filter every three months.

The types of ac filters used in your home can impact how often you replace the filters.

You notice a spike in your a clogged filter interferes with the normal airflow in your ac system. For those of you comfortable with online shopping, you'll find numerous. Checking the condition of your hvac filter. I recommend every 5,000 miles and i also recommend you use an ac/delco filter, which is highly rated.